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  • Трек: Last night
  • Исполнитель (артист): Кейша Коул и Пи Диди
  • Длительность 6:26
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Кейша Коул и Пи Диди - Last night"

    Hello, Good morning
    lets go, lets ride,
    Hello, Good morning
    Hello, Good morning
    Know you’ve been waiting for it
    ’cause I seen you watching
    so lets go
    lets get it popping

    [Dirty money]
    Cause I’ve been leaning on the bar
    looking cleaner than the star
    all these (?) wont give me my props
    25 on the bank I be stunting on there ass
    and they mad cause the b-tch won’t stop

    [Diddy - Dirty Money- Chorus]
    Got your boyfriend feeling like a groupie
    (you know, you know, we know, we on that)
    stuntin like you looking like a movie
    (you know, you know, we know, we on that)
    and everybody know who the truth be
    (you know, you know, we know, we on that)
    I blow cause I’m blowing on the ohh wee
    (you know, you know, we know, we on that)

    Hello, good morning, how you doing with the movie
    and welcome to the future I’m the captain of the cool kids
    the revolutions never been televised
    great booty better thighs I ain’t wanna tell her bye
    First, I tell her hi, then I give her one and let her fly
    never tell her lie the night you couldn’t find a better guy
    king sh-t fly to anywhere you get seen with
    lyrics courtesy of
    gangsta distinguished, cool as a penguin
    got a team of them, honey feel free to bring with
    G-5 waiting, fly away at my convenience
    You see TIP checking in a 5 star suite with some 5 star freaks
    getting high all week
    catch me in the V
    I was in the back when y’all sleep
    in a fast car super bad broad back seat
    thats me, see I’m nothing nice, f-ck a couple nights
    see the moon say goodbye and the sun greeting us like…

    Hello, Good morning
    lets go, lets ride,
    Hello, Good morning
    Hello, Good evening
    you blow, you feindin’
    ’cause you know that your really needed
    and I’m the one that you wanna be with
    but right now baby you dreaming
    wake up and turn the lights off


    Hello, Good morning
    lets go, lets work,
    Hello, Good morning
    lets go, lets work,
    Turn me up a little bit more, I don’t think they can hear me
    Check this out
    Bad Boy b-tch
    lets work
    come on
    lets work
    non stop lets rock lets work
    make you feel good too
    dont stop I see you lets work
    It’s that dirty money

    Uh, How fly is he
    your baby momma cry for me like Jodeci
    so how you not notice me
    pull up to the club in the coldest V
    ugh. literally though little did he know how that n-gga Diddy flow
    how that n-gga Diddy go so hard like a crowbar still getting dough
    woah, woah, woah

    yeah I like this, can you feel it
    nothing can save ya
    its that Dirty money

    hello, hello, hello, hello,

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